Ellie Desautels

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Ellie Desautels
Pronouns they/them
Gender identity nonbinary, transmasculine, agenderflux
Occupation actor
Known for playing Michael on Rise

Ellie Desautels is an actor and activist who is nonbinary, transmasculine[1], genderqueer[2], and agenderflux.[3] Notably, they play the transgender man Michael on the NBC show Rise.[4][1]

Ellie is in a relationship with Wren Hallman who is also nonbinary. They met on Tumblr.[3]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

« I realized that I wasn’t a girl in college. I met my fiance on Tumblr and we figured our gender identities out together, and found the term to describe ourselves on Tumblr.

That’s where I got most of my information. When I found some terms, I started looking more things up and putting more research into things.

There was never a moment where I did not like being a girl. I identified as such and I didn’t feel like oh, this isn’t right.

I had one momentary thing in high school that I can get into in a bit, but when I found there were other terms to describe me, like nonbinary terms and terms under the nonbinary umbrella, I started realizing that fits me better.

Not that girl didn’t fit me, but this fits me much, much better. I think this is definitely what I am.[5]


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