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Ki Griffin
Date of birth 26th February 1999 (22 years old)[citation needed]
Place of birth Goodmayes, Essex, England[citation needed]
Nationality British
Pronouns they/he[1]
Gender identity nonbinary
Occupation Actor, DJ, LGBTIQ+ Activist[2]
Known for Playing Ripley Lennox in Hollyoaks, Appearance in Bebe Rexha's video 'Not 20 Anymore'

Ki Griffin is an actor whose TV debut role was playing Ripley Lennox in the British show Hollyoaks.[3]

Ki is openly nonbinary and intersex.[4][5]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

« My favourite thing about what I do is that I get to represent a variety of people who are extremely under-represented within the acting industry. As a Black, nonbinary queer from a working-class background, I rarely saw people like myself on TV so getting to be that representation is amazing. I love that I get to tell a story I relate to so strongly through Ripley and hope that really resonates with others, too.[6] »

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