Micah Bazant

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    Micah Bazant
    Pronouns they/them
    Gender identity nonbinary and timtum
    Occupation artist-activist

    Micah Bazant is an artist and activist ("artivist"[1]). Some of their most well-known works include the "Refugees Are Welcome Here" poster, created after President Donald Trump signed an executive order limiting immigration in 2017[2], and the "Protect Kids Not Guns" poster seen at 2018 March for Our Lives protests.[3]

    Micah also started the Trans Life and Liberation Art Series project, a project illustrating trans people of color. Micah cites Marsha P. Johnson, Claude Cahun, Marcel Moore, and the BlackLivesMatter movement as some of their inspirations.[4]

    Quotes[edit | edit source]

    « No movement is perfectly intersectional, and every one is ravaged with internal white supremacy, ableism, misogyny, etc. Most of us have had our hearts shattered at least once by unrealistic expectations of social justice movements. But I deeply, spiritually, and politically believe all people can change. And I believe we need to mobilize billions more people. The only way to do that is to keep working together and pushing each other to do better. In some ways, that’s what defines a movement — working together strategically to build power, even though we aren’t all on the exact same page.[3] »

    « "Passing" refers to trans people being perceived as non-trans members of the gender with which they identify. While this is a goal for most trans people, I think its [sic] important to stay aware of the systemic power imbalance that is implicit in this term. I prefer the term "being passed", because it emphasizes the fact that trans people do not have total control over how we are perceived, and that the power in the equation of passing lies completely with the non-trans person who "passes" us. It is something done to us, not something we are able to control.[5] »

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