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  • Pros: The soft fabric lining is more comfortable on one's skin. The Velcro closure makes it easy to remove the binder in a hurry, even for just a quick break in a bathroom stall. This is the right binder for wearing if you expect to sweat a lot that day. People who sometimes have breathing problems-- asthma, panic attacks, or just a case of the sniffles-- are safer in a Velcro binder. Just one quick tug and you're free from the binding instantly! This binder isn't made of stretchy material, so you can expand your ribs up to a certain point, and no farther, unyielding. The racer back (like what some sports bras have) is much easier to hide under short-sleeve or sleeveless shirts, although it can still look like a bra if it shows at all. The racer back also gives you complete freedom of movement in your shoulders.