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Just as with other kinds of transgender people, some nonbinary individuals want to make certain kinds of changes to their bodies. This can be in order to relieve a distressing sense of gender dysphoria, or for practical reasons, or by personal choice. This article tells about some kinds of changes that some nonbinary people can want, and practical things they can do to achieve those changes. Physical gender transition is never "one size fits all." A nonbinary person does not have to make all or any of these changes in order to be nonbinary. There are nonbinary people who go on hormones and get surgery, and there are nonbinary people who only go on hormones without getting surgery. There are nonbinary people who go on hormones temporarily, in order to try to get some changes they want, and avoid some changes they don't want. There are nonbinary people who do not change their bodies at all, because they do not feel a need to do so.