Joanne Vannicola

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Joanne Vannicola
Date of birth 1968
Place of birth Montreal, Quebec, Canada[1]
Nationality Canadian
Pronouns they/them[2]
Gender identity nonbinary[3]
Occupation actor, activist, author

Joanne "Jo" Vannicola is a Canadian actor. Some of their roles include Dr. Naadiah in Being Erica, Dr. Mia Stone in PSI Factor, Jerri in Love and Human Remains, Sam in Stonewall, Renee in Slasher: Guilty Party, and Amber Ciotti in Slasher: Solstice, as well as voice roles in Crash Canyon and My Dad the Rock Star.

In 2004, they founded the organization Youth Out Loud to raise awareness of child sexual abuse.[1]

Vannicola has been out as a lesbian for many years, and came out as nonbinary in 2018.[4] As of 2020, they describe themself as "lesbian and or butch and or nonbinary".[5]

They wrote about their life's struggles in their 2019 memoir All We Knew But Couldn't Say[6], which was nominated for the Kobo Emerging Writer Prize 2020.[7]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

"It was so hard for me my entire life to explain what that was. People would say 'Well just because you're a lesbian doesn't mean that you can't be feminine' [...] I didn't have the language growing up, and if I'd had the word nonbinary, I would have been able to say 'But I'm nonbinary.'"[8]

"I must write about LGBTQ people and I must never stop being authentically me. Hiding, passing, even acting or pretending to be anything other than queer and non-binary, is a road I never want to walk. Be brave lgbtq people. We are reflecting who we are for the next generation who need us to step up and take space, be visible."[9]

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