Kaitlyn Alexander

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Kaitlyn Alexander
Date of birth October 9, 1992
Nationality Canadian
Pronouns they/them
Gender identity nonbinary, gender neutral[1]
Occupation actor, writer, YouTuber
Known for Carmilla

Kaitlyn Alexander (born October 9, 1992) is a Canadian actor, writer, web series creator and YouTube personality, best known as LaFontaine in the popular web series Carmilla (2014–2016).[2] In 2016, their Kickstarter and Indiegogo-funded web series Couple-ish (2015–2017) was nominated for a Streamy Award.[3][4]

Alexander lives in Toronto, Ontario. They identify as queer and nonbinary, and use singular they pronouns.[5] They credited LaFontaine, the non-binary Carmilla character whom they played, with helping them discover and accept their nonbinary identity.[6][7]

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