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    Gender neutral
    Related identities Neutrois, Agender, and Transneutral
    Under the umbrella term Nonbinary
    Frequency 0.2%

    Gender neutral aka neutral gender is an identity under the nonbinary and transgender umbrellas. Gender neutral individuals have a neutral gender identity or expression, or identify with the preference for gender neutral language and pronouns. This is similar to and often overlaps with the experience of being agender, genderless, or having no gender identity. Neutrois identity is often described as being a neutral gender identity.

    In addition to being a nonbinary identity, "gender neutral" is often used as an adjective to mean "without regard to gender"/"inclusive of any gender"; for example "Alex is a gender neutral name" or "We have a gender neutral restroom".

    Etymology[edit | edit source]

    In English, the word "neutral" comes from Middle French neutral (compare modern French neutre), from Latin neutralis. In war and disputes, neutral can mean taking no side in a conflict, being nonaligned or unbiased. In color, neutral means gray, or having no obvious color. In physics, neutral can mean having neither a positive nor negative charge. In biology, neutral can mean neuter, having no physical sex. In grammar, it can mean words that are neither masculine nor feminine, also called neuter or epicene. Gender neutral can mean applicable or available to all genders, or not restricted by gender.

    Flag[edit | edit source]

    There is no universally-accepted flag for the gender neutral identity. Below are some of the proposed flags.

    Symbols[edit | edit source]

    These are some symbols that have been used or proposed for neutral gender.

    Notable neutral people[edit | edit source]

    Miley Cyrus at 38th People's Choice Awards
    Tobia at Microsoft New England Research and Development Center in 2019.

    See main article: Notable nonbinary people

    There are many more notable people who have a gender identity outside of the binary. The following are only some of those notable people who specifically describe their identities by the name "gender neutral," "neutral gender," "neutral," or an analogous term.

    • Miley Cyrus (b. 1992), an American top-charting singer-songwriter, has called themself "a gender-neutral, ­sexually fluid person".[1]
    • Lauren Lubin is a filmmaker, activist and athlete. They are the creator of the documentary "We Exist: Beyond the Binary". They are also the first openly nonbinary marathoner to compete internationally.[2] They are gender neutral.[3]
    • Jacob Tobia (b. 1991) is an American LGBT rights activist, writer, producer, television host and actor. In 2019, they published their memoir titled Sissy: A Coming-of-Gender Story. They are the voice actor for a nonbinary character in the Dreamworks animated series She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, Double Trouble, who also uses they/them pronouns.[4] They are neutral[5], genderqueer, and gender non-conforming.[6]
    • Actor and YouTuber Kaitlyn Alexander is gender neutral.[7]
    • Writer and performer Danez Smith is gender neutral.[8][9]
    • Musician Joanna Sternberg is gender neutral.[10]
    • Drag performer Eureka O'Hara is gender neutral.[11]

    Neutral characters in fiction[edit | edit source]

    See main article: Nonbinary gender in fiction

    There are many more nonbinary characters in fiction who have a gender identity outside of the binary. The following are only some of those characters who are specifically called by the words gender neutral, neutral gender, or neutral, either in their canon, or by their creators.

    • In NiGHTS into Dreams the main character "NiGHTS is neutral, and therefore has no gender. The impressions of the character with regards to gender are totally up to the player," according to Takashi Iizuka, the lead designer of the game.[12]

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