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2019[edit source]

  • In the USA in February, Kirsten Gillibrand, one of the many Democratic candidates for president, said she endorses the availability of "X" gender markers for nonbinary people.[1]
  • In March, nonbinary person Finley Norris became the first person in the state of Indiana, USA to receive a driver's license with an "X" gender marker.[2]
  • Google released 53 new emoji variations with specifically gender neutral appearance.[3]
  • In November, Massachusetts began allowing an X as a nonbinary gender marker on Driver's Licenses and State IDs. [4]
  • Merriam-Webster declared "they" as the top Word of the Year.[5]
  • Collins Dictionary added the word "non-binary".[6]
  • "Genderqueer", "agender", "cisgender", "misgender", "transphobia", and "ze" are added to the international Scrabble dictionary.[7]
  • Canada's 2019 Census Test (in preparation for the 2021 Census) now includes separate questions about sex at birth and gender, and also allows nonbinary gender answers.[8]
  • The American Psychological Association (APA) Style Guide was updated to endorse the use of singular they: "Writers should use the singular 'they' in two main cases: (a) when referring to a generic person whose gender is unknown or irrelevant to the context and (b) when referring to a specific, known person who uses 'they' as their pronoun."[9]
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