They/Them Project

The They/Them Project is a series of audio interviews with and photos of people who use pronouns other than she/her and he/him. Brent Dundore, a pro photographer, is a cisgender man who started the project in order for him to better understand gender and also educate other people on gender.[1] As part of the project, Brent has interviewed some high-profile individuals including Jacob Tobia, Alok Vaid-Menon, and Ellie Desautels.

The project began in 2017 when Brent happened to be photographing a person who used singular they pronouns, and asked questions to learn more about them.[2]

In the past, Brent was quite negative on the idea of nonbinary genders and non-normative pronouns, but his husband encouraged him to be open-minded. Brent has said, "I have yet to finish an interview without learning something new about gender, and how every person has a uniquely different story and description of their gender. I was surprised to learn that some use several sets of pronouns, and how truly fluid gender is. No one is an expert on someone else’s gender, or what gender means to someone else. Everyone is also always growing and changing."[3]

The They/Them project has been exhibited at multiple art galleries as well.[4][5]



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