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    Relationship between the German wiki and us. We're independent projects but we agreed to link to each other.

    Hi, I noticed that the sidebar hast that headline and for some articles I get refered there to a German "version" of the article. In fact, that link goes to German Nichtbinär-Wiki ( who seem to operate independently from this one. I gather this is based on where I am, but my question is: Are there any affiliations or did some 'magic' from within the system decide to plot the two in parallel? Thanks, and have a good time, everyones!

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    Hi! Admin here. Nichtbinär-Wiki is indeed operated by different people, they even use a different platform. But I got in touch with them a while back and we decided to link the wikis together. Most pages that also exist in the German wiki should be linked, and pages there should link back too (in their last email, they were still working on it). So, to summarise, we are independent projects but because we're related in scope, our common articles are linked.

    I hope this answers the question, let me know if you have any other questions!

    Thanks a lot, that saves on headaches (and tells me that I maybe should browse more in German webspace.)