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    Educational material by the Nonbinary Wiki
    While we are primarily an online resource, we have started a project to create some booklets and other educational material for printing.
    Nonbinary 101 for allies first page.png

    Nonbinary 101 for Allies

    This short leaflet introduces what being nonbinary means to allies! If you're coming out to your family or friends and need some resources, check it out! It's a single A4 page, which you can print on both sides.

    Gender 101 for nonbinary people cover.png

    Gender 101 for Nonbinary People

    This 12-page booklet is a brief summary of what gender is and differents ways of dealing with transition, both social and physical. It uses texts from the wiki itself and illustrations by Phoenix Animations and Nessa, a member of our community. Click on the cover on the left side of this paragraph to download it. You can also expand the box below to get ready-to-print versions!

    Ready-to-print booklets

    You have several option to download the booklet in a ready-to-print version. They are all imposed, meaning that the pages are ordered so that you can print and then turn them into a booklet easily. Make sure you print two pages in each sheet (alternatively, you can also go to a print service and ask them to print it for you). Choose the one that better suits your needs:
    Full color
    Black & white
    Full-color Black-and-white Minimalist

    Like the contents of the wiki, our publications are free to download, share and remix (as long as you give proper credit) under the CC-BY-SA 4.0 International license. All of our content, including the wiki pages, social media management, and illustrations in the booklets, are produced by volunteers who selflessly spend their free time helping the project grow.

    If you want to help the project, consider becoming a patreon of the Nonbinary Wiki. If you would like to get involved with the project, check out the page Get involved! or join our Discord community.