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    For nonbinary and intersex people, travel can be extremely difficult. In most countries, passports usually allow F and M options or their equivalents, which, when abbreviated in this way, are always read as female and male, which might make it difficult for people with identities such as maverique, though an "X" marker will probably be used before fill-in fields are ever allowed. Guides for safe travel (or recommendations against it) in different countries are displayed below.

    United States[edit | edit source]

    The Transport Security Administration and the Department of State ban nonbinary and intersex people from travelling inside or out of the country, effectively imprisoning them. The TSA claims to look at male and female bodies differently, banishing intersex people and creating an intrusion of privacy which may scare other nonbinary people away from travelling.[1] Then, if a person wishes to travel without intrusive screening with a known traveller number, they are presented with binary options.[2] Finally or not, the U.S. Department of State does not allow nonbinary passports. Even more, it made statements of hatred against nonbinary people.[3]

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