Andrea Gibson

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Andrea Gibson
Date of birth August 13, 1975
Place of birth Calais, Maine
Nationality American
Pronouns they/them
Gender identity genderqueer
Occupation poet

Andrea Gibson (born August 13, 1975) is an American poet and activist from Calais, Maine, who has lived in Boulder, Colorado since 1999. Their poetry focuses on gender norms, politics, social reform, and the struggles LGBTQ people face in today's society.

Gibson is queer and genderqueer, and said in a 2015 interview "I've never in my life really felt like a woman and I've certainly never felt like a man. I look at gender on a spectrum and I feel somewhere on that spectrum that's not landing on either side of that." [1] They use singular they pronouns, and sometimes use the name "Andrew" instead of "Andrea".[2]

Before learning the word "genderqueer" in the mid-2000s, Gibson had identified as bisexual, then as gay, then as a butch dyke, although "I never really felt that butch."[3][4]

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