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Maddy Thorson
Date of birth 18 March 1988
Nationality Canadian
Pronouns she/they[1]
Gender identity nonbinary
Occupation video game developer
Known for TowerFall and Celeste

Maddy Thorson (born 18 March 1988) is a Canadian video game developer, known as one of the lead creators for the video games TowerFall and Celeste, developed under their studio Matt Makes Games. Since September 2019, Thorson has effectively shut down Matt Makes Games to relaunch their team under Extremely OK Games.

Thorson went to college at Grande Prairie Regional College in Alberta, Canada, studying computer science, during which one summer they worked at HermitWorks Entertainment, a local video game development studio.

On International Nonbinary Day 2019, Maddy came out as nonbinary with the pronouns they/them[2][3], although they use she/they now.[4]

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