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Packing is a term that refers to the practice of wearing padding or a specialized object in the front of the pants or underwear so that it seems that the wearer has a bulge/penis. This is often practiced by AFAB people who wish to present as male. These objects range from just a rolled-up sock stuffed in the underpants to a specialized medical object that is attached to one's body using medical glue.

Kinds of packers[edit | edit source]

There are many types of packers, but they can be divided into three categories:

  • Makeshift packers: These are just pieces of cloth (normally socks) that are stuffed in the underpants to create a bulge. They are not realistic but are free and easy to make. In order to avoid the packer slipping from its place, small clips can be used to attach it to the underwear.
  • Specialized packers: They are more realistic in shape and their price range is huge, depending on the quality and the seller. They are a good option to achieve a more realistic shape.
  • Stand-to-pee packers: STP devices are packers that allow their wearer to pee while standing up, for example using a urinal. Since some cis women use them too, they are not always shaped like a penis, but some sellers offer them in this shape too. It's definitely the best option for maximum realism.

Should you pack?[edit | edit source]

Packing is not a requirement to transition, nor is it required in order to be read as male. In most day-to-day situations, crotch bulges are not obvious, so packing would not make that much of a difference. However, in situations where the crotch is more exposed, packing is a safer option. Some of these situations may include swimming, wearing tight pants (especially when laying on your back) and wearing cycling leggings. In these situations, the lack of a crotch bulge could be quite telling.

Some people don't pack because it's a daily reminder of the body they actually have. Other don't do it because they don't feel it's necessary. Whether you should pack or not is a very personal question, and the answer greatly depends on each one's circumstances.

How to pack[edit | edit source]

Getting it right for the first time can be difficult; it's easy to place the packer too high or too low. The best way to find the correct position is comparing your bulge while you wear your packer with that of cis men. Experiment with its position until you feel it's right.

Another important part of packing is making sure it does not move out of place, or even fall from your underpants. A possible option is using clips or velcro to attach it to the underpants. Most male underwear is designed to have a bulge, so the packer will fit just right. However, there is also specialized packing underwear, which is specifically designed to hold a packer. There are various models of packing underwear, with different designs and prices.