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'''Femme''' (or '''fem''') is a term that refers to a queer person that has awhose [[gender expression]] is considered to be feminine. It was originally used to distinguish feminine lesbian and bisexual women from [[butch]] women, and it is still one of the main uses of the term. It's common for trans and non-binary individuals to use the term to refer to their identity or expression even if they don'tdo not identify as lesbian or bisexual women.<ref name="bustler">[https://www.bustle.com/articles/166081-what-does-femme-mean-the-difference-between-being-femme-being-feminine What Does Femme Mean? The Difference Between Being Femme & Being Feminine] on Bustler (bustler.com)</ref> However, this last usage is a bit controversial.<ref name=":0">[http://lesbiansovereverything.com/on-the-appropriation-of-femme/ On the appropriation of femme] on Lesbians over everything (lesbiansovereverything.com)</ref>
== Difference between ''femme'' and ''feminine'' ==
The word ''femme'' can only be used to describe people in the LGBTQ+ spectrum. That means that [[cisgender]] straight women should not use the term to describe themselves, as it would be considered appropriation.<ref group="note">Note that, in French, ''femme'' means ''woman.''This articles is about the English usage of this word.</ref> Because there are many stereotypes surrounding femininity, the term ''femme'' is often used to subvert cultural expectations about how a woman should look like. For this reason, many (but not all) people that identify as ''femme'' do not try to adhere to these stereotypes.<ref name="bustler" /> This is similar to how the word ''queer'' was reclaimed by the LGBTQ community.
== Usage within the nonbinary community ==
Although originally the term ''femme'' was used to describe women only, its usage has been expanded to the nonbinary community. It is rarely used as a standalone identity, as it normally describes nonbinary people that have a feminine gender expression. This might lead to difficulties for the femme-identifying individual caused by the false assumption that all nonbinary people have an [[Androgyny|androgynous]] expression.<ref>[http://meloukhia.net/2015/04/beyond_the_binary_yes_nonbinary_femmes_exist/ Beyond the binary: Yes, nonbinary femmes exist] on ''this ain't livin''' (meloukhia.net)</ref>
=== Controversy ===
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