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    Welcome to my talk page! Feel free to start a new topic if you have any questions or comments about the wiki or any of my contributions. Check out the General discussion as well, for questions to the whole community.

    Previous discussions are archived in User talk:Ondo/Archive 1 (2020-04-08).

    Can you approve the new OAuth consumers?

    Cyberpower678 (talkcontribs)

    We're migrating to a new location requiring new OAuth consumers. Would you please approve them?

    Ondo (talkcontribs)

    Should be done now! Thanks for letting me know.

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    MediaWiki default (talkcontribs)

    No worries! I know anonymous users using other languages looks like vandalism, but it looks like Finnish Wikipedia also favors the term the IP editor used, so I went with it. In any case, I know you're here in good faith, so I won't hold this against you. Thanks for looking out for us!

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    AbuseFilter false positive report (fixed)

    Well, we meet again, Ondo!

    I was working on the creation of an article about Uranians, a 19th Century classification/group of third gender people which later came to encompass effeminate men.

    When I went to publish the article, however, the vandalism filter appeared, refusing to let me publish it. I'm not sure if this is just because I haven't been autoconfirmed yet, or because of the contents of what I'm trying to post. The one thing that might have made the filter think I'm a vandal (which I can think of) is that the pseudonym given to a schizophrenia patient who identified as a Uranian was Adolf, which I wouldn't be surprised if the filter took that and thought I was talking about the other, infamous Adolf.

    (I'm not sure if this makes anything more clear, but the abuse rule it says I violated is: Prevent vandalism from non-autoconfirmed users)

    I have the contents saved for when I'm able to post the article, so should I just wait the couple of days until I'll be autoconfirmed? I'm in no rush (a little extra editing time would be nice) and doing as the template says, so I don't need a rule change to get this on here faster!

    MediaWiki default (talkcontribs)

    Hi! I reviewed the logs and it was the most frequent false-positive, so I've tweaked the filter and it shouldn't trigger anymore with your edit. The autoconfirmed statues is given out after 4 days and 10 edits (both conditions must be met), just so you know.

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    Adminship requested (denied due to lack of experience)

    Hi, I'd like to request adminship. I can really be of service around here. Oxyaena (talk) 01:56, 13 June 2020 (UTC)

    MediaWiki default (talkcontribs)

    Hi! Thank you for your interest in wanting to be of service. However, you don't need these extra permissions to help! The amount of admin work we currently get can be handled with the couple of admins we have without any issues.

    If you want to take car of maintenance tasks, you're free to do so! No need to have the administrator permissions. Just head to Category:Maintenance, pick an article, and improve it!

    Let me know if you have any questions, and see you around! ^^

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    Discord invite link was outdated

    Hi, thank you! Question: the link for the Discord server doesn't seem to be working, is this available anywhere else? (I'm assuming most communication happens there since the discussion pages here seem pretty quiet.)

    MediaWiki default (talkcontribs)

    Hi! Sorry about that, the invite link changed and I forgot to update it everywhere, I'll do it now. Here you go:

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    Abuse filter false positive

    Hey there. I've been trying to make some edits to the Quoigender page (adding a reference to the origin post, an external link to a post about quoi identities, and an image gallery for the flags), but I've been getting an error message. Can this page be unlocked please?

    MediaWiki default (talkcontribs)

    Hi! That was our automated filter detecting the word shit in one of your links and thinking it was vandalism/trolling. I've modified the filter now so you should be able to edit it. If you don't remember what content you tried to add, I can restore it for you. Sorry for the inconvenience!

    Oh, weird. Hmm... Oh! It was probably the origin post -- it has "wait, ****" in the url due to that being the first two words of the post.

    Anyway, thanks!

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    Duplicate of Topic:Vldizlheksfmkvxd

    Hi, thank you! Question: the link for the Discord server doesn't seem to be working, is this available anywhere else? (I'm assuming most communication happens there since the discussion pages here seem pretty quiet.)

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    Question about {{En-WP attribution notice}}. Result: template restored.

    MediaWiki default (talkcontribs)

    I don't remember, but I'm assuming it was part of a template clean-up where I deleted a lot of templates that weren't used (we had them because they had been automatically imported from the old wiki). I'll restore it, no problem.

    Thanks! I don't know if we really need the category Articles from English Wikipedia, what do you think?

    MediaWiki default (talkcontribs)

    It's ok. The category can be created with the __HIDDENCAT__ magic word, which will "hide" the category from the article itself. It's a good way to keep track of things, I think.

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