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Related identities abinary, Gender neutral and Neutrois
Under the umbrella term transgender and Nonbinary
Frequency 0.3%

Transneutral is a term used to describe a transgender individual who identifies fully or partially as a neutral, abinary, etc. It can be considered umbrella term for individuals who transition to a neutral identity. Transneutral individuals can also identify as other, non-neutral genders as well. For example, an neuwoman individual may identify as transneutral, though typically one's neutral identities are more significant that one's non-neutral identities, or one wants to emphasize their neutral identity. Transneutral individuals are sometimes called MtN/FtN or M2N/F2N (male/female to neutral) depending on one's assigned gender at birth.

Transneutral is sometimes used, not as a gender identity, but as a way to describe anyone who undergoes a medical transition process that is not fully transmasculine or fully transfeminine- either through surgery, hormone replacement therapy, or other methods. Under this definition, individuals who undergo transition to attempt to appear more neutral would be considered transneutral, regardless of their actual gender identity.

Transneutral is not synonymous with being non-binary, as not all non-binary genders are neutral-aligned or neutral in nature, and not all non-binary individuals identify as transgender.

The feminine equivalent to transneutral is transfeminine. The masculine equivalent is transmasculine.

History[edit | edit source]

The transneutral flag was originally created on tumblr by Arco-pluris,[1] although other flags have been created later on.

In the 2022 Gender Census, a 0.3% of participants in the survey identified as transneutral.[2]

References[edit | edit source]