Akwaeke Emezi

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Akwaeke Emezi
Date of birth 1987
Place of birth Umuahia, Nigeria
Nationality Nigerian
Pronouns they/them[1][2]
Gender identity nonbinary[3]
Occupation writer

Akwaeke Emezi is an lgbo and Tamil writer and video artist, best known for their debut novel Freshwater, a semi-autobiographical story starring a trans protagonist named Ada who is an ogbanje or "spirit child".[4] Their second book, Pet, released on September 10, 2019, is about a transgender teenager named Jam living in a world where adults refuse to acknowledge the existence of monsters. A third book, titled The Death of Vivek Oji, is due out in 2020.[2]

Emezi wrote Freshwater while working towards their Master's of Fine Arts degree at Syracuse University, and it was published in 2018.[5][6] In 2019, it was nominated for the Women's Prize for Fiction; this was the first time a trans or nonbinary author had been nominated for the prize.[7] The judges were not aware of Emezi being nonbinary when Freshwater was selected (the book jacket referred to the author with "she/her"), but Emezi was reportedly happy to be among the selected.[8]

Freshwater received multiple other accolades as well, including the African Speculative Fiction Society's 2019 Nommo Award for Best Novel[9] and the 2019 Otherwise Award, for sci-fi and fantasy "works that expand and explore our understanding of gender". Otherwise Award juror Bogi Takács said, "Freshwater gives me hope, room to grow into myself as a reader, and a sense of relation that emerges across continents and traditions; with all our commonalities and differences".[10] Variety.com reported that FX was developing a TV series based on the novel.[11]

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