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Alec Butler
Date of birth 1959[1]
Nationality Canadian
Pronouns they/them or he/him[1]
Gender identity nonbinary[2]
Occupation writer, filmmaker

Alec Butler is a Canadian writer and filmmaker. He is two-spirit, intersex, and nonbinary, and has drawn from these life experiences for his works.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

« I discovered that people like us, people who identify with both genders, or none, have existed since human beings have existed, that we were worshipped as deities, that masses of people performed special rituals in our honor, we had sacred and practical roles in the community, we were wanted and desired. [...] We need to remember as Two-Spirit, gender queer, non-binary people that we are the descendants of these LGBTQI2S ancestors who were almost exterminated but they did not succeed because we are still here, that we exist as flesh, blood, guts and bones, mind and spirit, living lives of purpose and pride, we are not just myths in stories from the past.[3] »

References[edit | edit source]

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