Ariel Vegosen

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Ariel Vegosen
Pronouns Any[1]
Gender identity genderqueer[1]
Occupation activist, educator, priestess

Ariel Vegosen is an activist/educator and ordained Hebrew Priestess.[2][3] Ariel is founder of the nonprofit organization Gender Illumination, as well as the Burning Man community Gender Blender.[4]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

« Oppression is a national problem that does not go away because we build a beautiful artistic city in the middle of the desert for a week.

In fact the only way oppression is ever going to end is if we address it and educate ourselves to create liberation. Gender Blender exists at Burning Man because we are needed. Before Gender Blender existed there were no groups focused on gender liberation and creating safer spaces for Trans and gender queer community at Burning Man. The work we do at Gender Blender is not just about the short time we are at Burning Man. This work influences people and the information we teach they take back with them to their lives outside of this festival. Gender Blender exists outside of Burning Man as well. We are a year round community — committed to each others' well being, to creating safer spaces for Trans and gender queer community, and to creating spaces for people to explore their gender.[4]


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