Caldwell Tidicue

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Caldwell Tidicue
Bob The Drag Queen at Rupaul's Dragcon 2017 by dvsross.jpg
Bob The Drag Queen at RuPaul's Dragcon 2017
Date of birth 22 June 1986
Place of birth Columbus, Georgia
Nationality American
Pronouns he/him or she/her[1]
Gender identity nonbinary
Occupation musician, comedian, drag queen, actor
Known for Won the eighth season of RuPaul's Drag Race

Caldwell Tidicue (stage name Bob the Drag Queen) is a pansexual nonbinary drag performer, actor, and musician.[2] In 2019, the pop culture website Vulture ranked her number eight in their "Most Powerful Drag Queens in America" list. [3] His original stage name (until 2013) was "Kittin Withawhip".[4]

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