CN Lester

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CN Lester
Nationality British
Pronouns they/them
Gender identity trans & genderqueer[1]
Occupation singer-songwriter

CN Lester is a British classical and alternative singer-songwriter, as well as an LGBT rights activist. They are also the author of the 2018 book Trans Like Me.

They have experienced much transphobia in the classical music scene, saying "I've actually experienced quite a lot of discrimination finding tutors and applying for courses, being held back by people who were so sure their transphobia was acceptable that they were quite open about it to people I knew. They didn't see that they were in the wrong – they thought I was wrong for daring to apply."[2]

They have released three independent, crowd-funded albums: "Ashes" (2012), "Aether" (2014), and "Come Home" (2017).

Quotes[edit | edit source]

« People who transgress gender norms, and gendered language, are hardly a new phenomenon. How we refer to ourselves, and how society refers to us, is constantly changing this is just one more small shift of many. Using trans-­friendly language doesn't have to be hard, although it might take a bit of getting used to it can be pretty exciting, to see how flexible, accommodating and inventive our language can be.[3] »

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References[edit | edit source]

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