Dana Zzyym

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Dana Zzyym
Nationality American
Pronouns they/them[1]
Gender identity nonbinary
Occupation associate director of Intersex Campaign for Equality[1]

Dana Zzyym is an intersex activist and former sailor. In the lawsuit Zzyym v. Pompeo, they were the first military veteran in the United States to seek a nonbinary gender marker on their U.S. passport.[2]

Zzyym had their application for a passport denied due to refusing to select a binary gender option on the application form. With help from Lambda Legal, an LGBTQ+ legal assistance organization, a court ruled that denying Zzyym a passport was not within the U.S. State Department's authority.[3]

Dana finally received their X-marked passport in late October of 2021, being the first person in the USA to receive such a passport.[4]

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