Del LaGrace Volcano

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    Del LaGrace Volcano
    Date of birth July 26, 1957
    Place of birth California, USA[1]
    Gender identity genderqueer[2]
    Occupation artist, activist, educator, photographer, performer

    Del LaGrace Volcano is an artist, activist, educator, photographer, and performer. Volcano is genderqueer and intersex.[2] Volcano's work includes installation, performance and film, and interrogates the performance of gender on several levels, especially the performance of masculinity and femininity.

    Quotes[edit | edit source]

    « My number-one piece of advice for any queer person who wants to make art is to just do it. If you are afraid to do it, do it anyway. That requires courage, and if you cannot locate your courage, then either do some work on yourself so you can, or do something else. Being an artist is something you do because you are compelled to make work, not because it will make you famous or rich. I've been making queer work for over 40 years, and just this month I have finally been funded! If you make political work that challenges the status quo don’t expect to be financially rewarded.[3] »

    Books[edit | edit source]

    • The Drag King Book (with Jack Halberstam, 1999)
    • Sublime Mutations (2001)
    • Sex Works (2006)
    • Femmes of Power: Exploding Queer Femininities (with Ulrika Dahl, 2009)

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