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    Place of birth Harlem, New York, USA[1]
    Nationality American
    Pronouns ze/zim[2]
    Gender identity nonbinary[3] boi[4]
    Occupation writer, model, transgender advocate

    Devin-Norelle is a writer, model, and transgender advocate.

    Quotes[edit | edit source]

    « I never believed someone like me could be taken seriously as a model and because of this, didn't go to any castings until I finally found the confidence to do so in 2019. I'm a nonbinary person that leans more heavily towards masculinity, yes, but I also embrace my femininity and attracted to feminine styles of expression. [...] I believed I could never fit the mold of a model, and this belief was reinforced by the lack of trans masc representation in the industry. Even with the little representation that did exist, trans masc models were almost always skinny, tall, fit the industry's standards of androgynous and were very, very white.[3] »

    « I'm not a man, not yet a woman; sometimes I'm both, or neither. Many times, I'm all genders, whatever those genders may look like. And occasionally my gender is a black hole in space: nothing. At all times, in any shape my body takes form, I will always be me. I hope I can present to the world another example of what androgyny can be.

    Perhaps one day, as a society, we will stop making assumptions about people's gender or sexual identities based upon how we perceive their body. Maybe we'll learn to stop gendering bodies at birth or during puberty. Maybe we’ll finally push back against the images media presents to us. Maybe one day we'll cease policing trans bodies. Perhaps we'll spend less time centering white or white passing bodies. Maybe we’ll stop glorifying “fit” bodies. Maybe we'll start listening to folx with disabilities.

    Maybe my hopes are too high. A boi can dream.[4]


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