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This list, in alphabetical order, lists educational bodies in the UK whose status on genderqueer and nonbinary identity acceptance is known. Edits should, where possible, link to evidence.

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University of Exeter[edit | edit source]

Link to homepage.

Manchester Metropolitan University[edit | edit source]

Notes: "The university is MMU, In Manchester, UK, and after a meeting with some people, they’ve agreed to create an “other” field for my gender, and place “Mx” as my prefix. Now that I’ve done it, I’d hope it will be easier for others to do the same."

Link to homepage.

University of Oxford[edit | edit source]

Link to homepage.

Portsmouth University[edit | edit source]

Link to homepage.

University of Wolverhampton[edit | edit source]

Note: Title was added to system upon presentation of driving licence showing preferred title.

Link to homepage.

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