Elijah Manley

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    Elijah Manley
    Nationality American
    Pronouns he/him, they/them[1]
    Gender identity nonbinary[2]

    Elijah Manley is an American activist and politician. They came out as nonbinary in a Twitter post on January 14, 2020.[3]

    At age 16, Manley filed to run in the 2016 presidential race as an independent, despite the US Constitution limiting the presidency to people 35 years and older.[4] In 2018, he ran for Broward County School Board Seat 8 and lost with 43,009 votes (18.6%).[5] In 2020, Manley ran as a Democrat for the Florida House of Representatives (District 94), but ended up losing in the Democratic primary on August 18, although they got 8,825 votes (30.1%).[5]

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