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Elly Jackson
Elly Jackson.jpg
Jackson performing on 11 September 2010
Date of birth 12th March 1988
Nationality English
Gender identity "I don't feel like I'm female or male."[1]
Occupation Singer-songwriter
Known for La Roux

Elly Jackson is an English synth-pop singer-songwriter who performs music as "La Roux", which was previously a duo before the other member, Ben Langmaid, left the act.

In a 2010 interview Elly stated "I don't feel like I'm female or male."[1] In 2014, Elly said "I don't feel man, I don't feel woman – that’s where the androgyny comes from. I probably feel more feminine than I do masculine".[2][3]

In 2020, Elly said "I couldn't give a fuck" about being misgendered.[4]

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