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Hormone therapy involves blocking the body's sex hormones and/or replacing or supplementing these with a different sex hormone or set of sex hormones. Sex hormones include estrogen (aka oestrogen), progesterone and testosterone. Blockers include antigonadotropins such as danazol.

Many nonbinary, genderqueer or gender variant people opt not to undergo hormone therapy, or to follow a full hormone therapy regime equivalent to binary transition. However these are not the only options.

Some people take a low dose of their desired sex hormone, possibly combined with a hormone blocker. This may be intended to allow them experience changes very gradually or may be intended as a 'maintenance dose' designed to be the minimum required to maintain the strength of bones, hair and nails.

Each sex hormone has both permanent and reversible effects. Some people opt to take hormones until permanent effects (such as voice deepening or the growth of breast tissue or facial hair) are achieved and then stop so other nonpermanent effects are reversed. Some may combine this with hair removal or surgery to also remove some of the permanent effects, perhaps to achieve a more androgynous or gender neutral appearance, or to reduce gender dysphoria.

Some people opt not to combine hormone therapy with the equivalent binary social transition, or to socially transition in order to access hormone therapy from medical gatekeepers, then later 'de-transition' or 're-transition' to their preferred social role or presentation. This may also occur as an unplanned consequence of following whichever aspects of transition best minimize both social and physical gender dysphoria.

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