Evan Greer

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    Evan Greer
    Evan Greer at the Boston Rock Against the TPP Concert in October 2016.
    Nationality American
    Pronouns she/her and they/them[1]
    Gender identity genderqueer[2], genderfluid[3][4], trans femme[5]
    Occupation singer-songwriter, activist

    Evan Greer is a singer-songwriter based in Boston.[2] She is also an activist with the national group "Fight for the Future".

    In 2017, Greer organized the benefit album "Hugs for Chelsea" which raised over ten thousand dollars for Chelsea Manning, who is a personal friend of Greer's.[6]

    She has a son named Saoirse.[7]

    Albums[edit | edit source]

    • Against the Blinking Green (2002)
    • Some New Songs (2005)
    • Never Surrender (2009)
    • She/Her/They/Them (2019)

    Quotes[edit | edit source]

    "For me, music and activism have always been inextricably linked. The first time I ever played in front of more than a few people was at an anti-war protest I organized in high school. Throughout history, every social movement has had that drumbeat of culture and art as a tool to bring people together, a medicine to keep our spirits up, and a weapon to fight for liberation."[8]

    "And for me as a trans, independent artist who never had a record label and was writing songs about overthrowing capitalism and being queer, I was never going to find mainstream success in a world where the gatekeepers of the musical community were executives and mostly white male writers for Rolling Stone (although even that has shifted over the past decades). So me and some of my compatriots were some of the first artists to put our music online for free download. We were putting our music on Archive.org before Napster was a thing. I instantly saw the huge potential of it. I’d show up at a show in Prague where I don’t speak the language and there are like, 200 punk kids who know all the words of my songs. I’d never been there or sold a CD in that area, but the Internet existed, and people were able to find this music they connected with and share it, and instantly, it felt like this is the most powerful force I’d ever seen for lifting up the voices that are so often left out of the conversation in our society, and I’ve never lost sight of that. More and more we see the downsides of it too, the ways in which it can be used to silence people and amplify existing forces of oppression but...I still believe in the Internet, and I still believe that it’s a net positive force for society, and that the fights we have over policy that surround it are so essential because of that revolutionary and transformative power that it still holds, even with all of the downsides."[9]

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