Féi Hernandez

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    Féi Hernandez
    Date of birth April 26[1], 1993
    Place of birth Mexico
    Nationality Mexican-American
    Pronouns they/them[2]
    Gender identity nonbinary
    Occupation visual artist, writer, healer

    Féi Hernandez (born 1993) is a Mexican-American visual artist, writer, and healer. Their writing has been featured in NPR’s Code Switch, Immigrant Review, Nonbinary: Memoirs of Gender and Identity (Columbia University Press, 2019), Good Mood, LiveWire Issue 7, Hayden's Ferry Issue 64, BreakBeat Poets Volume 4: LatiNEXT and the March issue of POETRY Magazine. Hernandez's art work has been showcased at Galería de La Raza and Residency Gallery as part of Inglewood Studios. Hernandez is a certified Reiki and Akashic Records practitioner that utilizes a decolonial approach to healing centering their Mexican healing modalities which include channeling, meditation, and energy work.

    Hernandez uses singular they pronouns and is queer, trans, and nonbinary.[2][3]

    Hernandez was one of the stars of the web short film "GLIMMER" which released in 2020. They play the character Javi.[4]

    Quotes[edit | edit source]

    "If you know someone who's out, celebrate them in their totality! Let them know you appreciate their life because aside from the radical act of being authentically themselves, they are enriching our society and paving way for a new world."[5]

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