Harry Hains

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Harry Hains
Date of birth 4 December 1992[1]
Place of birth Melbourne, Australia[2]
Date of death 7 January 2020[3]
Place of death Los Angeles, California, USA[1]
Pronouns he/him[3]
Gender identity no label/genderfluid[2]
Occupation musician, actor

Harry Hains was an Australian actor and musician, the child of actress Jane Badler. In a 2019 interview, when asked about his identity, Hains stated, "I don't like the idea of labels. If I had to pick a label it would be in the realm of genderfluid."

Hains' musical persona/character, ANTIBOY, was "a genderfluid robot from the future" and was meant to represent "that all the things that we are taught to believe in are an illusion. The ideas of gender, sexuality, and race are social constructs."[2]

Hains passed away on 7 January 2020, aged 27, due to accidental fentanyl intoxication.[4]

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