Hikaru Utada

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    Hikaru Utada
    Utada Hikaru 2018.png
    Utada performing during their Laughter in the Dark Tour in 2018.
    Date of birth 19 January 1983
    Place of birth New York City, New York, USA
    Nationality American (jus soli, expatriate), Japanese (jus sanguinis)
    Pronouns she/her and They/them [1]
    Gender identity nonbinary
    Occupation singer-songwriter and producer

    Utada Hikaru (Japanese: 宇多田 ヒカル), who is also known as Hikaru Utada or just Utada, is a Japanese-American singer-songwriter and producer. Utada came out as nonbinary during an Instagram livestream on 26 June 2021, having previously stated their support for the gender-neutral prefix Mx. and themselves suggested Mys., a shortening of "mystery".[2][3]

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