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The days in the below table are commonly celebrated days, memorial days, and otherwise important days for transgender, nonbinary and genderqueer people.

Name Date Region Description
Trans Prisoner Day of Action and Solidarity 22nd January International[1]
LGBT History Month February UK[2], Hungary[3]
Trans Day of Visibility 31st March International[4]
International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia 17th May International[5]
LGBT History Month June Italy[6]
Queer History Month June Berlin[7]
International Nonbinary Day 14th July International[8]
LGBT History Month October USA[9]
National Coming Out Day 11th October USA[10], International
Cake for Trans Friends Day, or Trans Cake Day 14th October International[11][12] Established by cassolotl in 2017, who wrote that in response to how most days about trans people "involve marginalised people doing yet more work to draw attention to themselves in a dangerous environment [...] Those days can be (and always are, for me) scary and sad. [...] So I declared [this] the first annual Cake For Trans Friends Day. I ended up shortening it to Trans Cake Day [...] Basically, instead of us doing all the work, people (especially cis people, I feel!) give cake to their trans friends and family to show them how appreciated they are. There’s so much anger and violence surrounding trans people, but I think we should be celebrated and loved. [...] a bit like Mother’s Day - a birthday for every trans person to celebrate together at the same time, and be showered with goodness by people who care about us."[11]
International Pronouns Day 3rd Wednesday of October International[13] Established in 2018.[13] Ways to participate include using the #PronounsDay hashtag, telling about your pronouns on social media and on name badges, distributing leaflets, setting up a photo booth in public for people to take selfies with their pronouns, and other efforts to creatively raise awareness.[14]
Intersex Awareness Day 26th October International[15]
Trans Parent Day 1st Sunday in November USA[16]
Transgender Awareness Week 13th - 19th November USA[17]
Transgender Rite of Ancestor Elevation 12 - 20 November International[18] A 9-day non-denominational ritual ending with the Trans Day of Remembrance, honoring the spirits of trans people past and future. Each night, participants add a book to a stack on the floor, with a cup of water and a candle, forming a memorial altar that rises taller each night. Established 2014.[18]
Trans Day of Remembrance 20th November International[19]
World AIDS Day 1st December International[20]
IAmNonbinary date varies each year International Observed by using the #IAmNonbinary hashtag on social media.

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