Iris Menas

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    Iris Menas
    Place of birth Wichita, Kansas, USA[1]
    Nationality American
    Pronouns zie/hir[2]
    Gender identity nonbinary lesbian[2]
    Occupation actor

    Iris Menas is a nonbinary actor of stage and screen. Some of hir roles include Odee the Okapi in the animated show Madagascar: A Little Wild, Jo in the play Jagged Little Pill, and Anybodys in the 2021 film West Side Story, and is currently voicing Frankie Stein in the 2022 animated reboot of Monster High.

    Quotes[edit | edit source]

    « Stepping into my identity allowed and continues to allow me to bring my full self in the room. Into every room. It allows me to speak truths to myself and therefore translates to my relationships, my craft, my whole life. I think people in this career can sense the truth you bring to the room. Being unapologetically and authentically me always and all ways. Not bending to fit the mold that the cis-white-het patriarchy has created for this society and therefore this industry.[3] »

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