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Jeremy Hunter
Pronouns they/them[1]
Gender identity nonbinary[2]
Occupation musician

Jeremy Hunter is a multi-instrumentalist ska musician. They are openly queer, nonbinary, and polyamorous.[2]

Hunter has a solo music project named JER, and is also the trombonist for We Are The Union. They have also been a member of the band 11:59.[3]

They originally got into ska music by discovering a song by Less Than Jake on the soundtrack to Digimon: The Movie.[3] In December 2016, Hunter recorded a ska cover of "Feliz Navidad", titling it "Feliz NaviSKA". They would go on to do ska covers of many many well-known songs. By 2021 they had attained nearly 200,000 subscribers on their "SkaTune Network" youtube channel.[4]

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