Jiz Lee

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    Jiz Lee
    Lee on the red carpet of the 2013 CineKink Awards
    Date of birth October 30, 1980
    Place of birth Hawaii, USA
    Nationality American
    Pronouns they/them[1]
    Gender identity nonbinary[2]
    Occupation actor and writer

    Jiz Lee is a sex-positive queer porn actor with a strong online presence. They previously identified as genderqueer but now prefer the label nonbinary.[2]

    In addition to their adult film work, Jiz Lee has appeared in numerous queer and trans projects, including African American director Cheryl Dunye's queer romantic comedy of errors Mommy is Coming, in which Lee appears with an international cast that included the Black Boricua porn performer Papi Coxxx.[3]

    They have a recurring role as Pony, a dominatrix, in the series Transparent.[4]

    They have also appeared in Sense8, the science fiction television series created by transgender producers Lana and Lilly Wachowski.

    They also performed the role of the genderfluid conjoined twins in video for The Residents's theatrical stage production of the album God in Three Persons, which premiered at MoMA in January 2020.[5]

    Lee's writing appears in anthologies such as Girl Sex 101, ASAROTICA, The Feminist Porn Book: The Politics of Producing Pleasure, and ASK: Building Consent Culture. They are also the editor of the 2015 anthology Coming Out Like a Porn Star: Essays on Pornography, Protection, and Privacy.

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