Juno Roche

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    Juno Roche
    Pronouns she/her, they/them[1]
    Gender identity trans[2]
    Occupation writer

    Juno Roche is a writer of articles and books including Gender Explorers, Queer Sex, and Trans Power: Own Your Gender. They previously identified as a trans woman but in late 2019 decided that just "trans" is the best way to describe themself.

    Quotes[edit | edit source]

    "I don't want to rely on the constant repetition or the constant renaming of 'I'm woman, woman, woman' and 'I'm real, real, real' to gain access to the greater – or at least the larger – gender binary framework. I don’t feel 'found' or 'seen' there; in truth, looking back, I never have. I always felt like an outsider-outside, until 'trans' came along and allowed me the capacity of real feeling and touch. I cannot find (fuck knows, I've really tried) my value within the word 'woman'. It just isn’t happening, and now it’s mine to own it still makes no difference. I find my meaning and my value – erotic, spiritual, conceptual, actual and economic – in the word 'trans'."[3]

    "Even after surgery, I didn't feel anymore like a woman than I ever felt like a man, and my genitals really just always felt like they were trans genitals and they weren't particularly tied down to any gender. So for me, it was really important to honour my body and to do that, I had to give away words – I had to give away the word woman."[2]

    "I've tried relentlessly to find my place within the binary gender structure. But it's not happening. It's just not happening. [...] I want only to be known as trans; not woman, not man."[4]

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