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See also Template letters.

What are letter templates and call scripts for?[edit | edit source]

Letter templates and call scripts are for people who may have trouble putting into words what they want. You don't need to follow a template or script exactly, but it can provide a good starting point.

What would I need to write a letter/ make a call about?[edit | edit source]

Writing letters to and calling people in authority positions is one part of advocating for the rights and dignity of nonbinary people. You may need to write a letter or make a call to advocate for those rights, be it how a school is not recognizing nonbinary genders or if housing is being denied to a nonbinary person. It could be from an issue directly impacting you, someone you know, or as part of a national campaign for nonbinary rights.

Personal concerns you may have[edit | edit source]

Issues with calling people[edit | edit source]
  • Hearing my own voice causes dysphoria/discomfort.
  • I have a voice impediment
  • I don't want to give out my phone number
Issues with writing letters[edit | edit source]
  • I don't have an address
  • I don't want to give out my address
I'm nervous about attaching my name to an issue concerning nonbinary people[edit | edit source]
  • I don't want to out myself

List of letter templates and where to find more[edit | edit source]

Coming out to friends and family[edit | edit source]
Informing your work/school place of your gender and the pronouns you want to be called[edit | edit source]

Check out Erin R. White's sample letter: coming out as nonbinary at work.

Writing to government representatives about issues nonbinary people face[edit | edit source]
Informing a company/organization/group has mishandled a nonbinary person or nonbinary issue[edit | edit source]
Asking a company/organization/group to be more inclusive to nonbinary people[edit | edit source]

Phone Banking Organizations[edit | edit source]

5 Calls: an organization which lists issues to call government representatives about. Provides a brief description of the issue.