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Liv Bruce
Pronouns they/them or she/her[1][2]
Gender identity nonbinary, transfeminine[3], genderqueer[4]
Occupation musician

Liv Bruce was half of the pop-punk musical duo PWR BTTM, along with Ben Hopkins. The band dissolved in 2017 after Hopkins was accused of multiple acts of sexual misconduct.[5] Liv started playing music while she was in middle school.[4]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

"I have a couple of distinct memories from when I was figuring out my sexuality around the same time I was figuring out my interest in playing the drums. I was very worried that I would never get to be in a band or write songs that people wanted to hear, because no one would relate to them… Because I was, you know, such a freak. I knew about Freddie Mercury and Elton John, but they seemed like exceptions to the rule. The rule being, 'Queer People Can't Rock Out.' So, I guess what I'm getting at is that I'm trying to write the songs my younger self would have taken comfort in hearing."[6]

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