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This list, in alphabetical order, lists local government/council organisations in the UK whose status on genderqueer and nonbinary identity acceptance is known. Edits should, where possible, link to evidence.

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Local Councils[edit | edit source]

Brighton (City)[edit | edit source]

Ceredigion County Council[edit | edit source]

Notes: This is one department within a department of the council; other departments may have different systems.

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Exeter City Council[edit | edit source]

Notes: Exeter Electoral Services is the only department known to recognise 'Mx'.

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Swansea Council[edit | edit source]

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Teignbridge District Council[edit | edit source]

  • Do they allow any gender neutral titles? Unknown
  • Do they allow no title? Yes
  • Evidence:
    • Registered to vote here for several years

Notes: Teignbridge Electoral Services is the only department known to recognise [no title].

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Library Services[edit | edit source]

Devon Library Services[edit | edit source]

Swansea Library[edit | edit source]

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