MI Leggett

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    MI Leggett
    Nationality American[1]
    Gender identity nonbinary[2]
    Occupation artist, designer
    Known for "Official Rebrand"

    MI Leggett is an artist and designer who started the gender-free clothing label "Official Rebrand" (also known as "OR?!").

    Quotes[edit | edit source]

    "The brand is all about being yourself and not being defined by any other expectations— expectations like you have to identify with your body."[1]

    "Integrating a gender-free ethos is not so much about cis designers seeing something that's hot right now, and pulling those signifiers and turning them into their own designs, but rather giving gender-nonconforming and trans people creative power. People want to boil down transness and queerness into an easily readable aesthetic. But this shit is messy! Thinking just about my ongoing transition as a non-binary person, and my partner's as a trans woman, there is so much that's glossed over when it comes to mainstream depictions of trans narratives. Having genderqueer people in positions of power, in creative positions, shaping these narratives, as opposed to just having their aesthetics being reproduced and commodified, would give rise to economic empowerment, in addition to more textured representations of trans and other gender variant experiences."[2]

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