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The wikitable below holds all in-coming and out-going financial information for the Nonbinary Wiki. The aim of this page is to provide full transparency about how are our donations managed. All amounts on this page are in US Dollars.

If you wish to donate to the Nonbinary Wiki, you can do so on our Patreon page.

Date Payee Payer Amount Balance Comments
11-08-2018 Nonbinary Wiki Anonymous donor +2.57 2.57 Thanks for the coffee!
14-08-2018 Nonbinary Wiki Anonymous donor +14.11 16.68 This coffee smells so good.
13-09-2018 Adiale design (Fiverr) Nonbinary Wiki -10 5.68 Logo redesign
15-08-2019 Nonbinary Wiki Patreon donations +4.17 10.85 Thanks for the donations! <3
01-09-2019 Luxander Nonbinary Wiki -1.21 9.64 (experimental, trying to see what happens)
05-09-2019 Nonbinary Wiki Patreon donations +2.96 12.6 Thank you! ^-^
01-10-2019 Luxander Nonbinary Wiki -1.21 11.39
06-10-2019 Nonbinary Wiki Patreon donations +4.89 16.28 Thaaanks <3
01-10-2019 Luxander Nonbinary Wiki -1.21 15.07
02-01-2020 Nonbinary Wiki Patreon donations +14.66 29.73 Thank you!
08-01-2020 Miraheze Nonbinary Wiki -24.56 5.17 Contribution to Miraheze's (our host) crowdfunding campaign for new and better servers (+info)
Current balance: 5.17