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VisualEditor - Icon - Advanced - white.svg This page documents a Nonbinary Wiki policy and all editors are expected to follow it to the best of their abilities.
Please, do not add or remove content from this page unless there is consensus.

This page describes the style that all pages in the main namespace should follow.

Naming conventions[edit source]

Both page names and heading will contain a capital letter at the start, and should not contain any other capital letters unless the title is a proper noun, eg: someone's name.

Correct Incorrect
Gender identity Gender Identity
Simone Brown Simone brown
Nonbinary identities worldwide Non-Binary Identities Worldwide

Page names[edit source]

All page names should be in singular, although there can be some exceptions (for example, List of non-binary identities). They should be as short as possible without being an abbreviation (unless the abbreviation is far more common than the full name). If an article can have two or more names, it should be named with the most popular word and then create redirects from the other possible names.

On pages about gender identities, the adjective should be used instead of the noun (i.e. transgender instead of transgendered or transgenderism) unless it refers to social or cultural ideas (e.g. Binarism instead of Binary).

Sometimes, a page can have multiple titles. In this case, the most well-known word should be used (for example, more people use AFAB than Assigned Female At Birth or FAAB).

Acronym[edit source]

Though there are many ways to refer to the community, the current preferred way for this wiki is "LGBT". This is due to the prevalence outside of the community, the ability to understand its meaning, and the prevalence of reference inside the wiki at time of writing.

Unless referring to a different community from the general LGBT community (ex. some people refer to the "MOGAI" community as being different than the general LGBT community) or discussing the acronym/reference name itself, the term "LGBT" is preferred.

Nonbinary, non-binary, or non binary?[edit source]

Unless it is a quote, business name, charity name, or similar, the wiki uses "nonbinary". According to the Gender Census, this is the most usual spelling of the word around the world.