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VisualEditor - Icon - Advanced - white.svg This page documents a Nonbinary Wiki policy and all editors are expected to follow it to the best of their abilities.
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This wiki considers that an identity is uncommon or not widely used when there is not enough objective evidence of a large number of people using it. This may be because the only source speaking about this term is a poor source (such as the MOGAI Archive or other dead links), or because they lack evidence that people have ever held those identities. (For example, terms that were proposed, but were only adopted by one person, or perhaps by nobody at all.)

When an identity meets one of these requirements, it is no longer considered uncommon:

  • There's research or other strong evidence showing significant numbers of people (anywhere in the world) hold the identity or have done in the past.
  • At least a 0.20% of people identified as the gender in a large community survey, such as the Gender Census.
  • It's notable due to being associated with a public figure, major news story, significant publication, documentary, etc.
  • It's notable because a social network or website has allowed users to choose or write in the identity and large numbers have done so (ideally with demographics given).
  • It's notable because a sizeable community has been organised around the identity, or one has existed in the past.

Pages about gender identities that don't meet these requirements are marked with the {{Uncommon identity}} template. Please note that this does not necessarily mean that the identity is not valid, it's just an indicator to show that very few people use this term.