Queer anarchism

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    Diagonally split pink and black flag used to represent queer anarchism.
    The flag of queer anarchism.

    Queer anarchism or Anarcha-queer is an ideology that holds that the only way to achieve true queer liberation is by rejecting all hierarchy and the shackles of capitalism and the state. It advocates for the abolition of homophobia, transphobia, enbyphobia, gender itself, the gender binary, cisheteronormativity, and the patriarchy. Queer anarchism as an ideology can be traced back to Adolf Brand, a German anarchist who published the anarchist journal Der Eigene from 1896-1932, the first gay journal in the world.[1]

    Contemporary queer anarchism traces its roots back to the queerpunk subculture of the late 20th century; punk in general has always attracted a large anarchist following, and queerpunk was no different. Anarcha-queers are in general heavily opposed to pink capitalism, since it still maintains oppressive and exploitative heteronormative, patriarchal institutions while exploiting queer culture for monetary gain. Under pink capitalism poor queer people still struggle to survive, and rich queer people still benefit from oppressive and exploitative institutions.

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