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    A proposed pride flag for gender-questioning people, created in 2016 by enbygsrd

    Questioning means that someone is still figuring out their gender identity, sexual orientation, or gender expression. Some people use questioning as an identity, if they still have not exactly figured out what their gender or sexual orientation is, or if they have no desire to figure it out and are happy with the label questioning. The only person who truly knows the answer to the gender question is you.[1]

    Some things to ask yourself if you are ready[edit | edit source]

    Another proposed gender questioning flag, created in 2021 by amiraisokish. See Category: Gender questioning pride flags for more.

    Here are a few questions that you could ask yourself if you are ready to begin the journey of figuring out your gender identity:[1]

    • How do you feel about your birth gender?
    • What gender do you wish people saw you as?
    • How would you like to express your gender?
    • What pronouns (including neopronouns) do you feel the most comfortable using?
    • When you imagine your future, what gender are you?

    Common doubts that people have when questioning[edit | edit source]

    These are some common doubts people might face while they are questioning:[2]

    • Many people worry that their age might not give them the best idea on how they actually feel about their gender.
    • Others worry about the social impact that their transition might have, ie, if their place in school will be affected and things like that.
    • Some people think that they might be confusing their sexual orientation with their gender identity.
    • Some others worry that they might not be able to fulfil the roles that society would set on them after they transition.
    • Others wonder if they are not neurotypical, and that might make them feel the way they do about their gender.

    General suggestions for those who are questioning[edit | edit source]

    If you are currently questioning, keep these tips in mind —they might help figure your gender out:[2]

    • Experiment with your gender in safe, private spaces
    • It is never 'too late' to transition
    • Internet 'Gender tests' are not recommended, as they are often not accurate
    • Being accepted is not an all-or-nothing binary. Some people might accept you, some might not
    • There is no typical or 'right' way to transition
    • You do not have to start your transition immediately, you might have to wait until you are out of school, or in a safe place, or have the money and resources

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