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This page contains a list of neopronouns. Neopronouns are gender-neutral pronouns intended to replace the singular use of "they" (i.e. The speaker is from Africa and they will be sharing their sociological research can be replaced by The speaker is from Africa and ey will be sharing eir sociological research).

Subject Object Possessive Possessive Pronoun Reflexive
e/ey em eir eirs eirself
ne nym nis nis nymself
ne nem nir nirs nemself
per per pers pers perself
ve ver vis vis verself
xe xem xir/xyr xirs/xyrs xemself
ze/zie hir hir hirs hirself
ze/zie zir zirs zems zemself
shey shem sheir sheirs shemself
zhe zhim zhers zhers zhimself

References[edit | edit source]

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